We are in business of the sales and maintenance services of environment-friendly Hydrocarbon Industrial Cleaning Machines in China, Thailand and other Southeast Asian Countries as well as a variety of state-of art Analytical Instruments such as Liquidborne, Airborne and Surface Particle Counters, Infrared Thermometers, VOC Sensors, XRF Analysers, Rheometers, Wafer-like Devices for optimizing semiconductor manufacturing tools and etc.

Environmental (Cleaning) devices

Hydrocarbon Cleaning Systems

Features :       High degreasing and cleaning capacity against
                      press oils and cutting oils. Reduces running cost
                      by recycling the solvent through distillation
Applications:   Degreasing and cleaning of pressed metal parts,
                       flux cleaning of circuit boards

Deionized Water Cleaning Systems

Features :        Suitable for elimination of contaminants,        
                       degreasing and cleaning of water-soluble oils.

Cleaning solvent

Cleaning solvent most appropriate for respective application is provided from the line-up of various hydrocarbon solvents.

Actrel ™ Fluids
Solutions to Real Cleaning

Effective and Proven Alternatives
to Chlorinated Solvents

Actrel Fluids have been developed by Actrel ™ Fluids as viable and costeffective alternatives to chlorinated solvents.


Actrel Fluids are designed to meet the stringent performance requirements of a broad range of metal and precision cleaning, for original equipment manufacturers' electronic and maintenance applications. They provide very good cleaning properties, removing many types of oils, greases and rosinic fluxes efficiently.
Actrel Fluids offer the following key benefits :

• Low toxicity and skin irritation
• Effective and spotless cleaning
• Good penetrating power
• No damage to substrate
• Temporary corrosion protection, if desired

Analytical Instruments

Product lineup

  • HIAC Liquid-borne Particle Counter (Hach Company, USA)
  • IRCON Noncontact Infrared Thermometer ( IRCON, USA)
  • OSP VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Sensor (OSP, Japan)
  • ARTI Hand-Held Airborne Particle Counter (Hach Company, USA)
  • Wafer-Like Device for optimizing vacuum dry process tools (CYBEROPTICS SEMICONDUCTOR, USA)
  • Surface Particle Detector (Pentagon Technologies, USA)
  • Shack-Hartmann Wave Front Sensor System (Spot-Optics, Italy)
  • SPECTRO Metal Analyzer and XRF Analyzer (SPECTRO, Germany)
  • Film Thickness Analyzer (JFE Techno-Research, Japan)
  • Film Thickness Analyzer (JFE Techno-Research, Japan)
  • Gas Treatment System ( Koike Sanso Kogyo, Japan)
  • Viscometer, Rheometer, Zeta Potential Analyzer ( Anton Paar, Austria)